ArcheAge: Free-to-Play Confirmation, Closed Beta and Release in 2014

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ArcheAge can be considered the black sheep of the Trion Worlds family: While the game studio's other projects are either in full swing (Rift) or in active development (Trove), it’s been awfully quiet around this particular fantasy MMORPG. The game is currently said to be in its Friends and Family alpha, but other than that, not much has happened to convince the Western community that ArcheAge was still being worked on or would ever see the light of day. Evan Berman (Community Manager) has now stepped in as the bearer of good news and is ready to clear a few things up about the game's business model and future.
Yes, ArcheAge will be free-to-play. More alpha testers will be invited in the next few weeks and a handful of lucky players will have the chance to try out the online game. Supporter packages are currently in the works and will soon give eager fans the opportunity to buy themselves into the ArcheAge closed beta. Speaking of closed beta: There will be no NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) once ArcheAge has reached beta status, allowing everyone to freely share their experiences with others. If everything goes according to plan, ArcheAge will launch in 2014.

According to Berman, Trion Worlds is working hard on increasing the game's presence on all social media channels and on getting ArcheAge back into the spotlight. Players can expect more details to become available over the next couple of months in the form of livestreams and new gameplay footage. The publisher has also promised to continuously update the official game homepage with new details about the sandbox MMORPG from now on.

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