Archeage: Beta Key Giveaway for New Weekend Event

08/21/2014 08:05 am by Anna Radak in GiveawaysDownload GamesMMORPG

We have kept you in the loop on all previous ArcheAge closed beta events. Now, Trion Worlds is hosting the next testing phase this weekend and guess what? We have beta keys for you! If you have been waiting to play the free-to-play MMO and want to join the Conflict & Conquest event, simply enter your e-mail address below and hit the button:

This giveaway has ended.

This ArcheAge beta key giveaway starts at 9:00 PDT - not sure what time that is for you? Then check out the Time Zone Converter and find out! Please keep in mind that the activation key sent to you is only valid for the fourth event taking place between August 22nd and August 27th.

In ArcheAge, players can create one or more characters and explore a fantasy world. Complete challenging quests, join the housing system by building your very own humble abode or simply become a pirate and sail the high seas! Just watch out for dangers that lurk in the deep...
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