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ArcheAge Description

There are many creatures that lurk in the shadows of this fantasy world. To come out alive, you need to grab your sword and put on your best armor, as there are many challenges to master. Group up with friends to maximize your power and help each other.


ArcheAge is a free-to-play roleplaying game that features everything a sandbox MMO should. This includes crafting, housing, siege battles and seemingly endless character customization. Instead of the usual archetypes, the online game gives you the ability to pick from more than 120 different classes. When it comes to possible races, you can choose from two humanoid characters, elves and cat people that profit from unique skills. Each and every combination has its own perks and advantages. Welcome to ArcheAge, where life is what you make it.

Once you have created your character, you either start out in the lands of Nuia or Harihara. These are two completely different continents that offer plenty of adventures for you to enjoy. Naturally, you should take your time exploring any territory that is unknown to you because bandits and other rascals, such as bloodthirsty monsters, could be hiding behind every bush. Once you reach a certain level in the fantasy online game, you can group up with friends and explore dungeons as well as raids. Care to take on other players? Then pay a visit to the many battlefields of ArcheAge!

Traveling through the vast landscapes of this MMORPG might be tiresome for your feet - that is why you will have several mounts at your disposal. To get from city to city, you not only have snow leopards and lions, but also exclusive gliders that help you get past any obstacle that may stand in your way. These gliders will also help you enjoy the virtual fantasy reality that ArcheAge has to offer!

Another speedy means of travel would be by ship. In ArcheAge, you have the ability to build your very own battleship and take it out to sea. Be aware of other players circumnavigating the ocean, as their dreadnought might be armed with cannons. If you find yourself under attack, you have two choices: You can either escape from the deep sea or defend what is rightfully yours. Keep in mind that fellow heroes are not the only dangers you will encounter because kraken inhabit the very same waters that you happen to travel on.

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ArcheAge News

  • ArcheAge: Ascension Update Is Live

    06/01/2016 06:42 am - The free-to-play MMORPG ArcheAge is getting its biggest patch since the 2.5 update went live back in January. Sound familiar? Back in January, we reported that update 2.5 was the biggest since the 2.0 patch went live in September 2015. It seems like...more

  • ArcheAge: Starts 2016 with 2.5 Bloodsong Update

    01/28/2016 09:35 am - The free-to-play MMORPG ArcheAge is getting its biggest update since the 2.0 update went live back in September last year. The 2.5 update, titled Bloodsong, is available right now and is packed full of content....more

  • ArcheAge: 2.0 Content Patch brings Loads of New Updates

    09/11/2015 12:08 pm - Trion Worlds has been busy lately, with the Alpha of Atlas Reactor, and updates to Trove, but that hasn’t stopped them from giving players of their free-to-play MMO ArcheAge a huge update....more

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