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Arcane Saga
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Arcane Saga Description

Prepare to enter a world full of mythical creatures, interwoven storylines and brutal PvP combat. Give other players the opportunity to join you on your path to success while battling against demons and ruthless champions alike...


Formerly known as Prius Online, this client-based MMORPG has risen from the ashes. No longer offline and now called Arcana Saga, the roleplaying game features a rich storyline and fast-paced combat, all packed into one. Before you start your adventure, you will have to pick a character. Which race you decide on is entirely up to you - just keep in mind that each tribe has their own characteristics. While the Ayin excel at dual-wielding swords, the Hume use magical powers to set their foes on fire. The gender of your avatar influences the gameplay, as female characters often have different skills, armor and weaponry than their male counterparts.

There are various companions to recruit in Arcane Saga. You gain a pet by either taming creatures or purifying beasts that have already died. Once you combine their spirit with yours, you will have a so-called Anima at your disposal, following your every move and assisting you in every way that they can. Using skill combinations when fighting bloodthirsty monsters will not only help you attain certain achievements, but also trigger additional attacks or raise your character's attributes.

Making your own gear and consumables will give you an advantage over other players, especially when it comes to player-versus-player action that takes place in open world battles. The materials you need to level up either Crafting, Refining, Alchemy or Cooking can be bought at selected merchants or looted from corpses.

As is the case with most free-to-play online games, there is also a premium currency on top of the usual gold, silver and copper coins that you collect throughout the course of your adventure. Star Coins - as they are called in Arcane Saga - can be unlocked by completing various achievements. This means that you can purchase booster packs and fancy looking costumes by playing the game, all without spending any actual money on them.

by Anna Radak

Arcane Saga Screenshots

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