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Arcane Legends
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Arcane Legends Description

See eye to eye with foul creatures such as trolls, goblins and skeleton warriors in this fantasy game that lets you pick a character, choose a helpful companion and raid dark caverns in the hopes of finding new equipment. This is your time to shine!


With Arcane Legends, Spacetime Games sends you, the novice, on a journey to becoming a more powerful champion with every quest, mission and task you accomplish. Keep an eye out for townsfolk in need of assistance and other players that could use a helping hand in the fantasy browser and mobile game. The more you get to aid others in their daily routine, the quicker you can level up your character and reach new heights - both literally and in the proverbial sense. Climb new mountains and explore vast landscapes to not only snatch up some of the best loot available in Arcane Legends, but also to gather experience along the way.

Experience points, as in any other roleplaying game, will help you advance your hero. With each and every new level, new abilities and skills can be unlocked in Arcane Legends that will turn you into even a bigger threat to the evil forces that lurk in the shadows of this fantasy online world. Three classes are currently available for you to choose from: the valiant warrior who is trained in melee combat and swinging heavy weapons, the stealthy assassin lady that knows when and where to strike as well as the wizard that yields mysterious powers and has enough knowledge to cast arcane spells.

There’s no reason to explore the world of Arcane Legends on your own, young adventurer! Once you decide whether you want to play the browser or mobile version of the RPG and sign up an account, you get to create a character and pick a pet to follow you around. This loyal companion will help get you through the tough challenges that lie ahead and fight ferociously by your side. You also have the opportunity of joining forces with other players in this free-to-play title. If proving your might in the arena is more up your alley, feel free to put your skills to the test in player-vs-player combat.

Arcane Legends Screenshots

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