Arcane Battlegrounds
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Arcane Battlegrounds
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Arcane Battlegrounds Description

Fiery dragons and goblin whelps await your commands in this free mobile title made by Spacetime Games. Join the fantasy universe that’s based on Arcane Legends and make a name for yourself amongst thousands of other players eager to claim the crown.


Strategy games will always be popular. Why? Because players seem to have an innate need to get their point across by building expansive kingdoms, recruiting new units and battling it out against their opponents for the ultimate bragging rights. It only makes sense then that new games featuring those exact gameplay mechanics keep popping out of what seems like nowhere. By releasing Arcane Battlegrounds, Spacetime Games has added a little bit more real time strategy to the mobile market, giving everyone a chance to prove themselves in a fantasy online world filled with malicious monsters and enough dragons to make even the legendary Beowulf happy.

There are two ways to meet other players in Arcane Battlegrounds, either by joining an alliance or declaring war on neighboring rulers. Teaming up with others is a good way to establish a secure defense in the free-to-play strategy title, as having enough friends to cover your back in times of need is the way to prosper and easily expand your empire. Just imagine that there's this one player, eager to attack you... until they see that you are proudly wearing a guild tag beneath your name. This will make them think twice about raiding your camp and messing with the wrong alliance.

Speaking of PvP gameplay: The mobile game offers you plenty of ways to show off your best battle tactics when you have trained enough units to hold your own in face-to-face duels against others. Various units are available, among them fearless melee warriors, sneaky long-range archers and magicians that have just about the answer for everything. Oftentimes, their answers to tricky situations include powerful fireballs and explosions, but hey! There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of mayhem and destruction in Arcane Battlegrounds, as you can always recruit more priests to control the damage.

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