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Applo Description

Experience an online world of medieval challenges in this free-to-play browser game. Your goal is to become the most powerful kingdom – are you up to the challenge?


In the free-to-play, browser based strategy game Applo, you will be challenged with building an empire from the ground up and conquering the world around you. This, of course, is no easy task and is not for the faint of heart. However, though the road may be long, those who succeed will revel in the glory and become a legend among kings!

In order to survive in Applo, you will have to begin building up your kingdom fast. This means you will have to start constructing new buildings, collecting resources and recruiting troops to be a part of your army. Without new buildings you will not be able to support your ever-growing populace but this also requires many resources which you will be able to find in the world around you.

Trading also plays an integral role in the domination of the world as you strive to bring in more resources. If you are lacking a certain resources in Applo, you have the opportunity to trade with other players. This way you can also make money as well and we all know that money is what makes the world go ‘round.

With detailed buildings and colorful landscapes, it will pull you into the online world and create a unique experience as you forge alliances and defeat your enemies. If you can fight through and prove you are the best among other players from around the world then you have a chance at going down in the annals of history as a legend!

by Kyle Hayth

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