APB – Reloaded: New Information on Closed Beta Registration - Sign Up Now!

01/12/2011 03:44 am in News

The GamersFirst team (K2 Network) has released new information on how to begin signing up for the Closed Beta of APB - Reloaded. It is a relatively simple process and they have already had about 20,000 registrants wanting to participate.
APB - Reloaded

APB - Reloaded

The APB – Reloaded Closed Beta is due to arrive sometime in late February. To register, you simply will need to register your email for the newsletter on the APB teaser homepage. Once you submit your email, you will also need to create a GamersFirst Account. This is preferably done so with the same email entered for the newsletter/Beta Registration.

Roughly two weeks before the Beta goes live, information will be sent out to all those who registered their emails on the APB Site. There will be a unique link to activate the Beta request – which is only a request. The information gathered there, including a DX Dialog (information about your computer), will be processed and qualified applicants will be selected.

Publisher K2 Network is looking for between 6,000 and 8,000 Closed Beta testers with a hopeful 800 to be on at peak server times. This is so that bugs will be able to be smoothed out and get varied feedback from users on how the game mechanics are working etc.

Those who participate in the APB – Reloaded Closed Beta will also receive recognition after the Beta is over, as stated by the development team. They will most not forget those who helped them and in return, are looking to give some sort of token to players who participate in the Beta.

An intriguing point also addressed in this week’s update on the APB – Reloaded blog is that players who bought the original release of the game will likely be able to simply "patch-up" to this new, free-to-play version. Though it must be kept in mind, the development team has said that no payment information from any media through which you paid for content will be accessible. Mainly because the company that originally conducted these transactions no longer exists.

Wrapping everything up, the third-person shooter APB - Reloaded is appearing to be on the homestretch. With many players already registering for the Closed Beta and an expected launch date thereof sometime in late February, the free-to-play MMO which was resurrected from a short run in mid-2010 is seemingly headed in the right direction.

Source: 'APB - Reloaded' blog
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