APB Reloaded: New Update Released for Free-to-Play Shooter

04/20/2012 09:48 am in News

Gamersfirst has announced that the newest patch for their free-to-play shooter has been released, albeit it with a few bumps along the way. Players of APB Reloaded can now experience a number of new features and updates!
APB - Reloaded

APB - Reloaded

We covered the first part of the New Breed Part 1 update not too long ago and apparently, Gamersfirst thought that it was time to move forward the second half of the update. Once again, there have been a number of changes and additions designed at improving the gameplay for the players.

The biggest changes have come to the Financial and Waterfront district in APB Reloaded. While the main focus was on the Financial district, there has also been a good amount of work done for the Waterfront. These changes include environmental changes that will change up the way Fight Club maps work, including removing some camping spots.

Additionally, because there were some issues when launching the new update for APB Reloaded, there has been a compensation code offered up for you to use. Over the next few days, a few million 3-day premium codes will be sent out as a "thanks for sticking it out".

Source: Game homepage
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