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APB - Reloaded
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APB - Reloaded Description

Join the adventure in a dangerous virtual metropolis. As a cop you can chase after ruthless criminals - or you can become a gangster yourself, always on the run from the police...


APB Reloaded is a massively multiplayer online game by David Jones (founder of Realtime Worlds) who also created the famous game series Grand Theft Auto. The client-based online game APB Reloaded takes you into a dangerous world where you get to experience the roughest side of big city life and make a name for yourself.

At the beginning you have to decide which side you want to fight for. Do you want to become a much-feared criminal or would you prefer to be one of the enforcers, defending the law? As a law enforcer in APB Reloaded it is your task, of course, to chase after dangerous criminals and to stop any illegal activities. You also protect innocent civilians. It is up to you to investigate crimes and bring a little bit of justice into the cruel world of All Points Bulletin. No criminal be safe as you follow the righteous path of justice...

If you don't like being ordered around and following rules, then you might want to start a career as criminal. As a gangster in APB Reloaded, it must be your goal to become the most dangerous and most wanted criminal in town. On your daily to-do list are bombings, vandalism, arson and robbery. There is only one rule you need to follow: Don't get caught by the cops!

In APB Reloaded, you have the opportunity to give your character an individual style. Whether you play the game as criminal or as a law enforcer, it is important to impress both friends and enemies. You can design your own clothes and and decide what you want to look like in the online game. What's even more important is your arsenal of weapons and firearms, as these will be used to protect yourself and allies from the other faction. Shootouts will be part of your everyday life in this free-to-play shooter, so you better come prepared!

Choose your weapons and jump right into the third-person combat of APB Reloaded.

by Kyle Hayth

APB - Reloaded Screenshots

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