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What to expect:
  • A Thrilling Story Full of Mystery
  • Meet Young People and Become Their Friend
  • Decide How Your Character Interacts with Others
  • Many Mini Games
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Play AnticLove Online and Fall in Love

In AnticLove, you will solve all kinds of mysteries, flirt with your classmates, and maybe fall in love!


In the free-to-play browser game AnticLove, you will slip into the role of a young teenage girl who has just been accepted into the prestigious Palentir University. From now on, you will study and work at a private institution in Egypt. At first, you have no idea that something is wrong with this school, but soon you will realize that mysterious things are happening behind the scenes. Over the course of your term, it will be up to you to solve any mysteries that come your way.

What would a teenage life be without flirting and romance? Naturally, you will meet boys your age in AnticLove some of who you will start flirting with. While you used to have a boyfriend in your hometown, you have broken up with him in good terms before you left for school, and you still get along with him. Since you are now single, you can delve into new romantic adventures without any guilty feelings. There’s this one mysterious boy that you bump into one day, who seems somewhat strange at first, almost like he’s hiding a secret. In order to get to the bottom of it, you start pursuing investigations, which are supposed to shine a light on the mysterious boy and on some other secrets that are linked to the academy.

Styling, Shopping, and Mysteries in AnticLove

Aside from being Sherlock Holmes-to-be, you will spend your time hanging out with your virtual friends in AnticLove. You always decide how your character interacts with others – whether they are platonic friends or romantic flirts. You choose the answer that makes the most sense and strengthens your relationships. Be careful though, as some answers might not have the desired effect you hope for. You don’t want to annoy your new-made friends. How and if you manage to reconcile with lost friends is up to you in AnticLove.

The game for girls also features a way for you to make some extra cash in mini games. You will need these coins to purchase new clothes or style your hair. Your outward appearance is very important especially considering that you are a student at a private school. Having a well-groomed appearance will make you a lot more popular in AnticLove. The game even features a beauty pageant that you can participate in.

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