Anno Online Preview: Breaking into the Free-to-Play World

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At gamescom 2012, Ubisoft announced that they would be releasing a new addition to the Anno series with a browser-based online game. Already at the beginning of the year, we had an idea that such a title was being worked on. Now, it has been officially unveiled and Anno Online is the name of the title. Without question, we had to take a more detailed look into the game and we even had the chance to check out Anno Online at the Ubisoft headquarters.

A Series with a Distinguished History

The Anno series has quite the long tradition. Even before Ubisoft purchased the former development studio, Sunflowers, the strategy game series had experience world-wide success. At the same time, the small studio showed that even in Germany, world-class titles could be produced. Since that time, the series has become ever larger and more complex, and has even made the jump over to consoles. However, in comparison to the flagship titles of the Anno series, they were somewhat lacking when it came to the complete Anno experience and the depth of the story.

Free-to-Play, But It Takes Time

Anno Online is the first in the long series of Anno games that breaks the traditional sum of 9 in the title. It is not only breaking the naming tradition but it also sets the tone that players should be ready to break from the traditional Anno gameplay, while experience the best features of the entire series. The graphics of Anno Online are almost the same of those from Anno 1404.That is not without reasoning though, as this new title is essentially the same game but just free-to-play. There is one important factor that you have to keep in mind when playing this title, though: It takes quite a bit longer to make the same progress as you would in the retail version. This can be taken care of with a bit of cash, because the purchasable content in Anno Online is essentially ways to save a little bit of time or get a few extra islands. Other than that, all of the content should play the same, according to developers Blue Byte.

Exclusive Interview with Ubisoft Before Presentation

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