Anno Online: Free Bonus Code to Celebrate End of gamescom

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Anno Online

Anno Online

It comes as no surprise that the big AAA games for PC and consoles were at the center of attention at this year’s gamescom. Ubisoft was no exception to this rule. After all, the publisher from France has quite a few exciting games in the pipeline, including Watch Dogs 2, For Honor, and Ghost Recon: Wildlands. In the so called Ubisoft Lounge, some of the French studio’s browser based games found some recognition. The Settlers Online was featured here among a few other games. Ubisoft took the time to showcase some upcoming features for the free-to-play browser game. A number of fans couldn’t help but notice that another strategy game published by Ubisoft and developed by Blue Byte was missing entirely. There was no trace of Anno Online at the international gaming expo.

Since quite a few fans asked the publisher about Anno Online, Ubisoft and Blue Byte decided to reward their loyal community with a post-gamescom bonus code for two decorative items. One of them is a blue and the other a purple bed of tulips. Anyone who has ever been to the gamescom or is familiar with the expo’s logo will immediately get the reference. In order to receive the flowers, players will simply have to use the following voucher in the game:


The code will be valid until August 28th.

Source: Official game homepage

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