Anno Online: New Chronicle for Explorers Available

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Anno Online

Anno Online

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been half a year since the guys and girls over at Ubisoft and Blue Byte released the first Chronicle for their strategy game Anno Online. Since then, several of these long questlines have come out, with the latest two episodes having launched only a few days ago. The newest Chronicle is called Wanderlust, and it asks players to send out a crew of explorers to travel to distant islands to bring their magic back home. Unfortunately, there’s pirates who will make that quest easier said than done.

While the first episode of this latest Chronicle is entirely available for free, the Anno Online community will have to spend 1,450 rubies in order to delve into the second one. At least players will get their money’s worth, as the second episode features double the amount of quests compared to the first (22 instead of 11). Completing episode 1 rewards players with two 200 Uncut Ruby Packs as well as a whole bunch of experience points. All in all, the Chronicle is a great way to level up, as players can repeat it as many times as they want. The only catch is that they have to wait at least 24 hours before starting anew.

Players will be rewarded with a new vessel in Anno Online.

Aside from having finished its predecessor, the second episode also requires participants to have at least 500 merchants. Both parts can be solved in three ways. Players can use either diplomatic, economic, or combative means to reach their goal.

The rewards are definitely worth participating in the Chronicle, as part two gives players resources, experience points, various building parts for a fence, and a new trade ship.

Source: Official game homepage

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