Game of the Day: Anno Online (Browser)

04/18/2015 06:10 am by Marcel Wuttig in Game of the DayBrowser GamesStrategy

Anno Online

We haven’t highlighted many browser games in our Game of the Day special yet. I personally get annoyed at many of these titles for having me wait more than actually allowing me to play. Too many restrictions often make the games feel stocky and forced - not in the case of Anno Online however! I first delved into the real time strategy game in 2013, just after it had been officially released. Since then, Ubisoft has managed to keep up the quality and deliver a AAA browser game if I’ve ever seen one.

Beautiful graphics reminiscent of classic installments of the series, well-rounded gameplay, and a great business model make Anno Online a worthwhile choice if you’re into browser based RTS games. Set on a green island in the year 1404, I felt like a true explorer and settler, as I founded and expanded my very own settlement.

Sure, the game also features some aspects of waiting, but they never put me off in the way that other games of the genre do. I enjoyed expanding my kingdom - stone by stone, building by building. It is satisfying to constantly rearrange my buildings and come up with the most efficient setup. I am the manager, the leader, the king of this settlement who makes sure that everything works splendidly.

Anno Online’s gameplay is very similar to the other games of the franchise, one difference being that you have to wait for buildings to be erected and money to be collected in “real time”. Delving back into the RTS on a daily basis feels exciting. Every time you revisit your settlement, something has changed!

Play Anno Online in the browser of your choice for free or download Anno: Build an Empire on your iPhone and iPad. Unfortunately, the strategy game does not feature cross-platform gameplay.

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