Anno: Build an Empire
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Anno: Build an Empire
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Anno: Build an Empire Description

Sit down and relax on your couch with your iPad on your lap as you start building an empire from scratch. Build houses for your residents, collect resources, explore the world, research technologies, and always expand your settlement in this tablet game.


The Anno franchise has been around for almost two decades, constantly offering players complex real time strategy gameplay that always met the modern technological standards of each game’s time of release. When Anno Online launched in 2013, publisher Ubisoft finally ventured a step into the free-to-play gaming world, opening the doors for an entirely new community to enjoy the franchise. The folks over at Ubisoft did not stop here however. The development studio Blue Byte is bringing you another installment in their popular series in collaboration with Mi’pu’mi Games, this time for your mobile device.

Anno: Build an Empire brings the unique gameplay experience of this franchise to your iPad. You can finally grab your iOS tablet, sit down on your couch or lie down in your bed, and delve into a medieval world, in which you create and manage your own settlement. You are on the go and have a strong urge to continue expanding your empire? Anno: Build an Empire will allow you to bring your game wherever and whenever you want, as long as you have a working internet connection. The two developers have rebuilt the entire game from scratch making sure that the gameplay is seamlessly perfected for your mobile device.

If you are familiar with the series, you more or less know what the RTS is all about. If you’ve never set foot in the medieval world of an Anno game, here’s the scoop: in Anno Build an Empire, you establish and manage an empire. Your goal is to create a settlement that constantly flourishes and expands. In the beginning, you start with a handful of peasants who can barely provide for themselves. Don’t worry, however, as your citizens will not always be this simple-minded. Soon, they will build churches, produce complex goods, explore the world, and create trading partnerships with other nations.

Connect with your friends by trading with them to support your economy. Anno: Build an Empire is available for iPad 2 and higher and will require at least iOS6 to properly work.

Anno: Build an Empire Screenshots

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Anno: Build an Empire News

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