Angry Birds: Animated Motion Picture Coming 2016

04/29/2014 08:51 am by Marcel Wuttig in NewsActionBrowser Games

Late in 2009, a mobile game was released on iOS devices that became the starting point for an impressive success story. The launch of this app introduced a new iconic franchise to the world of video gaming. More than that, the casual game has become so iconic that it has broken out of the video game niche to find its way to the general public in a way that not many gaming franchises manage. Rovio Entertainment’s Angry Birds has become so iconic that it is pretty much impossible to visit the Google Play Store or iTunes Store, go to an actual toys store or turn on the television without encountering one of its colorful protagonists.

The studio behind the series has now released its financial results for the year 2013 which not only continue the Angry Birds success story, but also depict a visible decline in the company’s earnings and net profit. While the revenue of €156 million (approximately $216 million) is pretty similar to the previous year, the earnings as well as the net profit have dropped significantly to half of what they were in 2012. At first sight, this may seem like a cause to worry, but the Finish publisher has valid explanations for this decline.
Apparently, the studio has big plans for their loyal community. According to Rovio Entertainment, a lot of money has been invested in 2013 in order to further establish the Angry Birds franchise on different media outlets.

The studio has started working on a motion picture that is scheduled to come to theaters worldwide in 2016. Aside from that, an animation studio was established in the Nordics which produces animated TV content, books based on the franchise were published in more than 30 languages and Angry Birds Playground, a physical learning space, was released. The Finnish studio grew from 500 to 800 employees in 2013 alone. It seems like fans of the feathery creatures have nothing to worry about.

Source: Official press release
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