Angry Birds Under Pigstruction
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Angry Birds Under Pigstruction
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Angry Birds Under Pigstruction Description

The Bad Piggies have done it again! They have stolen the Angry Birds’ poor eggs and there is only one way to get them back: To storm Piggy Island and defeat the green pigs once and for all...


The guys and girls over at Rovio Entertainment are at it again! The studio behind one of the most extensive mobile gaming franchises is bringing a new interpretation of the Angry Birds series to all casual gamers. While the gameplay concept remains pretty similar, a lot has changed in Angry Birds Under Pigstruction!

The recurring plot in each installment of the series has taken on a similar trope as the “kidnap the princess” idea in Mario games. The Bad Piggies have stolen the Angry Birds’ precious eggs and brought them to Piggy Island. The colorful birds have only one choice if they want to get them back: They have to travel to the green pigs’ hideout and defeat each and every one of them until they get their eggs back. Since the feathery friends are pretty helpless without any means of help, they are taking their giant slingshot with them and are relying on you to shoot them across the screen in order to destroy the piggies’ buildings.

What seems like a similar concept to the original Angry Birds installment is actually a re-interpretation of the gameplay. In the more than dozen titles that have followed, Rovio has constantly been able to refine the idea behind the series, adding many new features to Angry Birds Under Pigstruction. Before each turn, you get to choose which bird you want to fling next. This allows for much greater tactical freedom requiring you to constantly make the right decision. Instead of having a limited amount of turns, you can collect extra throws by destroying a certain amount of building blocks. The stages in general are more complex than any levels that came before in the franchise. The new so-called "multi-stages" feature many different details and layers and are less straightforward than in previous games. On top of that, there are spectacular spells in Angry Birds Under Pigstruction that will give you an extra edge in each level.

Angry Birds Under Pigstruction was an alter ego for Angry Birds 2 and was available in selected countries during the game's soft-launch!

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