Angry Birds: Transformers
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Angry Birds: Transformers
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Angry Birds: Transformers Description

These birds have been to space, to the jungles of Rio de Janeiro, and to Tatooine and the Deathstar. Now, they are back in a brand new guise. In this mobile game, the Autobirds will battle it out against the Deceptihogs…


Rovio Entertainment has proven again and again that their little colorful birds can mesh with basically any other brand. Take Angry Birds: Star Wars or Angry Birds: Star Wars 2 for example. Both mobile games have brought together two such different franchises that it almost seems too absurd to be true at first. The development studio has shown, however, that these birds can delve into the Star Wars universe just fine. The end result is fun, eclectic, and action-packed. In Angry Birds: Epic and Angry Birds: Go, Rovio Entertainment also made clear that the franchise is not bound to one genre. Instead of allowing you to swipe your birds across the screen to defeat the Bad Piggies, you battle it out in turn-based roleplaying game fights in the former and take it to the racing track in the latter.

In Angry Birds: Transformers, your feathery friends will consist of less feathers and rather of alien metal. As the title suggests, the Angry Birds are combined with the Transformers universe in this installment of the franchise. The mobile game allows you to experience the series like never before.

As a true action game, Angry Birds: Transformers features heated battles between the two notorious factions of the robot-universe. Instead of the Autobots and Decepticons, the Autobirds will fight against the Deceptihogs in this app. You will experience your friends from the Angry Birds universe in a new way as the little birds and pigs blend with existing, iconic characters from Transformers. Naturally, they will make good use of the mechs’ iconic skills of transforming between vehicles and robots.

Just like in previous installments of the franchise, Angry Birds: Transformers also features a toy line and Telepods from Hasbro that can be purchased and scanned into the game. The actual mobile game is completely for free, however. It is available for both Android and iOS devices.

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