Angry Birds - Stella: New Mobile Game Celebrates Release

09/04/2014 10:48 am by Anna Radak in NewsActionCartoon

Rovio Entertainment is at it again! After teasing us with a release date announcement last month, Angry Birds: Stella has now officially been released for iOS, Android and Blackberry users. You can head to the respective online store today (by clicking the green button below) and get the casual puzzle game for free. What’s the main story? We'll let the new gameplay trailer answer:
Stella and her all-female group of friends have moved to the Golden Island not only to live happily ever after, but also to end the reign of the Bad Princess Gale. In 120 brand-new levels, players get to show off their Angry Birds skills by smashing their lovely little feathery friends into glass, wood, and stone structures in the hopes of taking down as many Bad Piggies as possible. Remember that each bird - Stella, Poppy, Dahlia, Luca and Willow - has unique abilities that will help you get that three-star rating for every level. The better you are, the more bonus content you unlock!
Source: Official game homepage
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