Angry Birds: Stella
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Angry Birds: Stella
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Angry Birds: Stella Description

The Angry Birds franchise has mostly focused on male birds on their quest to defeat the Bad Piggies in space, in a world far, far away, or in Rio de Janeiro. Now, it’s time to follow Stella and her friends on her adventures on the Golden Island.


The Angry Birds have explored many different worlds - they have gone to the depths of the jungles of Rio de Janeiro, they have fought against the Pigtroopers in the Star Wars universe, and they have battled it out against the Bad Piggies in every imaginable corner of their own world. It is time to give the male birds a rest and follow a new, female protagonist on her journey through brand new corners of the Angry Birds universe. Meet Stella, a bird who is on an epic adventure of friendship and heroism.

In Angry Birds: Stella, you join Stella, a feisty pink bird who is always searching for a new challenge. This installment of the Angry Birds franchise focuses on friendship, female heroism, and fun. In accordance to the theme of the mobile game, Stella is joined by her five friends called Poppy, Willow, Dahlia, Luca and Gale. Each bird has their own unique skills - some of which have never been seen before in any of the Angry Birds games. Stella and her friends have strong personalities which naturally clash sometimes, as in any good friendship. Usually, every fight is quickly resolved and the friendship remains unharmed. Unfortunately, this has not been the case with Gale who has gone down a darker path and has since been joined by her minion pigs.

Join Stella and her friends on an adventure to snap her friend Gale out of her evil craze. Your journey brings you to the Big Tree on Golden Island. Here, the female birds reside and start their adventure through numerous brand new levels on massive treetops.

Experience a brand new side of the Angry Birds franchise in this casual mobile game. The folks over at Rovio Entertainment have mixed the established gameplay aspects of the series with brand new elements to delight both old and new players. Download the game on your Android and iOS devices and enjoy Angry Birds: Stella wherever and whenever you want.

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