Angry Birds Stella Pop
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Angry Birds Stella Pop
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Angry Birds Stella Pop Description

If you are a fan of the Angry Birds franchise, you will be pleased to hear that they’re back! And this time they are using the catapult not to launch themselves, but to fire bubble popping ammo in this fun free-to-play mobile game.


These moody birds are getting their fingers (or should that be talons?) into all the pies aren't they?! First we saw them take flight via catapult in the original Angry Birds title, then we saw them transform from bird to automobile in Angry Birds: Transformers. Now, more than 10 releases later, we are presented with this free-to-play title.

Angry Birds Stella POP!
is a bubble popping game, based on the female stars from Angry Birds: Stella. The mobile game allows you to fight those pesky pigs by popping all the bubbles. Once again we are presented with the trusty catapult with which to fire our ammo. So if you are well practiced in the art of using a sling shot, perhaps from the previous releases such as Angry Birds: Rio, then you will no doubt find this mobile game a breeze. Designed for iOS and Android mobiles and tablets, this skill game will leave you wanting more bubble-popping action as you traverse through the increasingly difficult, yet hopelessly addictive stages.

Use the touchscreen of your mobile devices to control and aim the catapult. Stretch the slingshot’s rubber by swiping down the screen and then take aim and release your ammo into the cluster of colored bubbles. Match groups of three or more bubbles to make them pop, changing the color of your current ammo by tapping it. You should work towards getting a streak of successful bubble pops, in order to get combination points.The more successful you are, the more likely it is that you will get a three-star rating!

As you progress in this free-to-play mobile game you will come across all sorts of power-ups and special features that will help you gain more points and burst more bubbles. Bring bees to the yard by matching certain colors of bubbles. If the falling debris hit these stripey green and yellow buzzing creatures, then you will get more points.

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