Angry Birds - Star Wars 2: The Revenge of the Pork is Here

12/05/2014 05:54 am by Marcel Wuttig in NewsStar WarsAngry Birds

Angry Birds

Angry Birds

In times of Christmas updates everywhere, it is quite refreshing when some publishers decide to not jump on the bandwagon and instead release regular updates for their games. While content expansions for Angry Birds: Star Wars 2 are pretty few and far between, they are also quite extensive whenever they do come out. The release of The Revenge of the Pork patch can rightly be considered an early Christmas present in that case. Since the guys and girls over at Rovio Entertainment like to entertain their community, a brand-new trailer has been released that creates some buzz for the game update and gives a glimpse at its gameplay. 
The Revenge of the Pork brings 32 new levels to the mobile game. All levels are either set on Geonosis or Mustafar and bring new challenges and gameplay fun to the app. As though that weren’t enough, the patch also adds 16 new Master Your Destiny levels. Sounds like the Angry Birds: Star Wars 2 community knows what they will be doing during the season. 

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