Angry Birds - Star Wars 2: Explore a New Chapter Based on the Rebel Series

10/06/2014 09:42 am by Marcel Wuttig in NewsStar WarsAngry Birds

It’s been a while since the last game update for Angry Birds: Star Wars 2 came out in which players were able to choose their own destiny. They could join either side of the force to explore various new levels. The latest patch brings a lot of new content to the casual game. In comparison to the previous updates, players can also explore more than a dozen new characters. 

Version 1.7.2 adds twelve new characters from the Rebels series to the mobile game. Naturally, each of these characters has unique abilities that will come in handy whilst exploring the 24 new levels in the latest Rebels episode. Sadly, there are no new empirical characters in Angry Birds: Star Wars 2. Don't despair, as sixteen new Master Your Destiny levels have been added. In this type of level, players get to choose which side of the force and which character they will play as. This gives them a great strategical advantage in the fun mobile app. Get a glimpse of the update in the trailer below the jump. 
Download the patch now in your Google Play Store or iTunes Store by following the green button below the jump. May the force be with you. 

Source: Google Play
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