Angry Birds: Star Wars 2
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Angry Birds: Star Wars 2
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Angry Birds: Star Wars 2 Description

If you’re a fan of crazy birds that don’t know much about flying, but a lot about falling, then you should take a closer look at this franchise. They are back again and they have joined together with the Star Wars universe one more time…


The Angry Birds are back again. They have put on their brown robes, grabbed their lightsabers and jumped into their pods to destroy the Bad Piggies one more time in an epic battle that will decide the future of the entire galaxy. In Angry Birds Star Wars 2, your feathery friends have returned to the Star Wars universe to fight the dark side embodied by the Bad Piggies. The second installment of the game is based on the movie prequels that came out more than 20 years after the original trilogy. Like its predecessor, Angry Birds Star Wars 2 effectively combines two franchises that couldn’t seem more opposing at a first glance.

If you are familiar with the Angry Birds series, you will know that the general gameplay relies on your skilful use of the game’s physics engine. Your goal is to destroy the mean pigs who have sought shelter under constructs of stone, wood and glass. Find the weakest spot in their hideouts in order to make the entire thing crash down, burying and eliminating your opponents underneath. In this mobile game, you use the Angry Birds as ammunition and shoot them at your targets using a slingshot.

Each bird type has a different skill - some are heavier and can cause more damage, others are lighter and can fly greater distances. Angry Birds Star Wars 2 naturally features skills that are reminiscent of this iconic science fiction world. Your birds wield their lightsabers, use their Jedi powers and shoot their laser guns.

Since the second installment of this mobile game is based on the prequel trilogy, you meet brand-new characters with unique skills and visit numerous new levels. In total, the casual game includes more than 30 playable characters - more than in any other installment of the franchise.

For the first time ever in the history of the series, you get the chance to join the pork side and finally play as the pigs. You can choose whether you would like to play as Darth Maul, Darth Vader or General Grievous. Another innovative gameplay feature allows you to switch in between characters as you play. This requires all the more tactical thinking on your side.

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