Angry Birds - Space: Reaching New Horizons in Game Update

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Angry Birds: Space

Angry Birds: Space

Being a video game nerd often means that you have at least one other nerdy topic of interest – this can range from comic books to dinosaurs or space exploration. We here at have many different topics of interest. I personally am obsessed with science and nature, in particular though with space exploration. I find it all the more delightful when my two topics of interest overlap. Recently, Angry Birds: Space got a major game update called The Solar System. The patch wasn’t random at all, as it celebrated an upcoming historic occasion in space voyage. In Rovio’s official blog, NASA was invited to release a guest blog explaining the significance of the New Horizons project.

The New Horizons spacecraft will reach the distant dwarf planet Pluto on July 14th. This marks a once in a lifetime event, as it will be the farthest world humankind has ever reached. New Horizons will take up close images of the three billion miles distant planet. This will be the first time that we actually find out what Pluto really looks like. Various media outlets are celebrating this occasion – Angry Birds: Space being one of them!

The new update allows players to explore our very own corner of the universe. Fifteen new levels give the opportunity to visit planets, comets, satellites, and much more. Unique videos from NASA experts and fascinating trivia have been added to explain the solar system. Additionally, a smart bomb called S.P.A.R.K. is now available dropping knowledge and destruction.

Kudos to Rovio Entertainment for using their popularity to spread entertainment, fun, and knowledge to younger generations! The update is available to download in your respective app store.

Source: Official game homepage/ App store

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