Angry Birds - Space: Intergalactic Game Update Released Today

06/06/2014 08:52 am by Marcel Wuttig in NewsCartoonAngry Birds

Angry Birds: Space

Angry Birds: Space

Space - the final frontier! Well, not so final if you look at Rovio Entertainment’s Angry Birds franchise. Angry Birds: Space has just received a major game update that extends the mobile game’s horizon (or should we say frontier?). The patch called Beak Impact (get it? Deep Impact?!) is adding a plethora of new content to the casual game featuring your feathery friends and their green opponents.

Players can enjoy more than 40 new levels if they prove themselves worthy, that is. The first 20 levels will be added automatically once the update is downloaded. The other 20 interstellar levels will only be unlocked if players manage to collect all stars in the first set of stages, or are willing to purchase them with real money. On top of that, the game update brings another 10 bonus levels that have to be unlocked. Four of them by finding parts of NASA research spacecrafts and the other six by getting three stars and a feather on each level. Players have to beware of burning, freezing, and radioactive asteroid showers that will over-complicate things.
If things get rough and players need someone to save the day, they can rely on Buzz Aldrin, the legendary astronaut and moonwalker, to help them out. Or they can target the gas tanks and batteries that the Bad Piggies have used on their structures to cause massive explosions.

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