Angry Birds: Space
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Angry Birds: Space
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Angry Birds: Space Description

Space, the final frontier, a place where only few creatures have successfully gone: humans, monkeys, dogs … and colorful birds and pigs. The Bad Piggies have done it again. They stole the Angry Birds’ eggs and brought them through a wormhole into space.


The Angry Birds have been through this before: Bad Piggies managed to steal their precious eggs once again. If you think, however, that this will just be a simple and uncreative rehash of earlier games in the series, you will soon realize how wrong you are. Your feathery friends chased the green thieves through a wormhole and ended up in outer space. In Angry Birds: Space, you will find the same basic gameplay that has made the series so successful, but in a totally new guise. As you might know, the laws of physics are not the same in outer space, a fact that you will quickly learn in this mobile game.

Your goal is the same as in the original Angry Birds: defeat all Bad Piggies to complete the level. Your approach has to change, however, as gravity will play tricks on you. Catapult your birds through each map using your familiar slingshot and try to eliminate your evil opponents as they are trying their best to escape your reach by hiding under blocks of stone, wooden planks and crystals. Make use of explosives to damage as much of the level as possible in order to destroy the Bad Piggies and get your precious eggs back.

Angry Birds: Space currently features more than 200 brand new interstellar levels in which the laws of physics are completely changed. Explore worlds with no gravity and make use of smaller planets’ gravity in order to fly in curves around your obstacles. This results in eclectic gameplay that ranges from slow-motion puzzles to swift destruction.

There is more to this casual game than its choice of setting, however. You can enjoy many new birds that possess unique superpowers. Try your best to successfully complete each level to unlock hidden bonus content that will keep you busy for hours.

The core of the Angry Birds gameplay has remained, which is intuitive, beginner-friendly and gets gradually more challenging the further you progress. The mobile game is available on all iOS and Android devices.

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