Angry Birds - Rio: Explore 20 New Levels

07/15/2014 07:45 am by Marcel Wuttig in NewsActionCasual

It is amazing that rarely a week goes by without a game update in one of the Angry Birds installments. Last week, we saw the addition of new levels to Angry Birds: Star Wars 2 which got many players excited. This week, it is time for Angry Birds: Rio to slightly expand its gaming horizon. Timber Tumble brings new challenging content to the casual game.

Players can explore more than 20 new levels plus six bonus stages in the update. The mischievous monkeys, that everyone familiar with the motion picture should know too well, have gotten their hands on some logging equipment. Be warned - trees will tumble! If players need help to succeed in these new challenging levels, they have three new options: They can call a flock of Macaw buddies to support them, they can get a hint if they get stuck, or they can buff their bird with the new Power Potion.
Explore the depths of the Brazilian jungle in the new update.

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