Angry Birds: Rio
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Angry Birds: Rio
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Angry Birds: Rio Description

The Angry Birds have been abducted and taken to Rio de Janeiro! And they are not the only ones who were birdnapped! Their abductors apparently didn’t know who they were dealing with. Your feathery friends are on a mission to free all the birds...


We have already found out what happens when the folks over at Rovio Entertainment team up with major film studios to combine their franchises. In Angry Birds: Star Wars and Angry Birds: Star Wars 2, players were able to convince themselves of these wacky, but fun and eclectic end results. Bringing the Angry Birds and Bad Piggies to the Death Star, Tatooine, and Endor added more than just new environments to the series - it brought new gameplay mechanics and innovative features to this universe. In this mobile game, the setting has changed once again and the Angry Birds find themselves in Rio de Janeiro.

Unfortunately, the feathery creatures did not decide to go there on holiday, as you might’ve suspected. Your colorful friends were trapped in a cage and abducted by smugglers. What these criminals did not know was that they were dealing with the Angry Birds who are quite skilled at defending themselves. Swiftly, they break out of their cages and make it their goal to free all of the other trapped, rare bird species.

In Angry Birds: Rio, Rovio Entertainment’s iconic protagonists meet the cast of 20th Century Fox’s animated movie Rio which came out in 2011. Both Blu and Jewel - the two rare blue macaw and stars of the motion picture - have also been caged up in this shady warehouse. The Angry Birds not only help them escape, but also all of the other fine feathered friends.

The casual mobile game currently features more than 240 levels, plus another 48 unlockable bonus levels. The overall gameplay mechanics are based on the original Angry Birds installment. Shoot your birds across the levels and use their unique skills to destroy everything in their path to break all the cages and free all the birds.

Angry Birds: Rio features more than just new levels, however. You can unlock brand new achievements, test your skills in several boss fights and explore your birds’ brand new power-ups which will grant them new abilities.

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Angry Birds: Rio News

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