Angry Birds - Go: First Birthday Infographic

12/15/2014 05:38 am by William Hankin in NewsRacingCartoon

Last Friday Angry Birds: Go celebrated its first birthday, and so it has been just over one year since those hot tempered birds ditched the catapult and opted for a more traditional method of travel: the car. In this relatively small amount of time, players have competed in over 20 billion races and traveled over 20 trillion virtual kilometers. To put that into perspective, that’s about the same as if every person in the world competed in 3 races each! What is more, this isn't even the most popular game in the Angry Birds franchise, with the original title becoming a worldwide sensation and a global pop culture phenomenon. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that Angry Birds' take on a mobile racing game has become so popular.

With such impressive statistics after just twelve months, there is no question that this racing game has a good future ahead of it, as does the Angry Birds franchise and its growing catalog of mobile games.

See the infographic below for more mind-boggling Angry Bird: Go stats.
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Source: Official game homepage
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