Angry Birds - Go: Enjoy the Multiplayer Game Mode on Android

07/18/2014 05:59 am by Marcel Wuttig in NewsRacingCartoon

A few weeks ago, iOS smartphone or tablet owners got to try out the brand-new multiplayer game mode in Angry Birds: Go. Finally, Android players can also find the multiplayer update in their Google Play Store. The first part of the multiplayer game mode has been released for all Android mobile devices.

The slogan of the latest patch is “Race the World”, as players can now race against other drivers from all around the globe. There are two options to play against others: You can either connect your in-game account to your Facebook profile to play against people you actually know or you can refrain from doing so and instead challenge anonymous drivers. Either way, players will be able to race against “real” competitors - whether they’re friends or not.
It is quite easy to unlock the multiplayer game mode. After finishing the first episode of Angry Birds: Go called Seedway, players can start challenging other drivers. Easy as pie!

Source: Google Play Store
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