Angry Birds - Go: Update Adds New Features and Content

05/07/2014 09:26 am by Marcel Wuttig in NewsRacingCartoon

Players who think that they’ve mastered the free-to-play racing game Angry Birds: Go have new challenging content to try out, now that the latest update for the mobile app has been released. The game is set in the Angry Birds universe and has players race against one another in wacky vehicles on diverse tracks. Each bird or pig comes with its own unique special power that will give them an advantage on the courses.

A brand new patch has added even more content to the game. Players can now race against each other in new sub-zero tracks. Check them out, explore them, and learn all the shortcuts to master them before all of your friends. Lucky players might even find the new lucky boxes on the sub-zero tracks, or any other courses for that matter. The mysterious boxes contain nifty prizes.

There is more to the update than just new tracks, however. Players can also enjoy new weekly tournaments that will add another challenge to Angry Birds: Go. Be more successful than all of your friends to make it to the top of the podium. A new feature called Action Snapshots will allow players to share pictures of themselves in action on the racetrack.

The in-game mailbox allows players to send lucky boxes to friends in the hope of receiving one back as well at some point.

Source: Google Play Store
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