Angry Birds: Go
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Angry Birds: Go
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Angry Birds: Go Description

Get ready for a new adventure with the Angry Birds and Bad Piggies, who you might be familiar with from one of their many installments. Forget your slingshot and your Jedi powers, as your feathery friends will hop into soapbox cars in this mobile game…


Do you know who Red, Chuck, Terence, Stella, King Pig or Moustache Pig are? You might be more familiar with them as the Angry Birds and the Bad Piggies. These colorful animals have had various adventures already in an eclectic set of mobile games. Usually, it is up to you to shoot your feathery friends across diverse levels to destroy the green pigs and get your eggs back. There were also times, however, when you instead helped the Bad Piggies make it through challenging levels in crazy vehicles to get them closer to their goal of stealing the Angry Birds’ eggs. This installment in the wacky universe reinterprets the franchise once again.

In Angry Birds: Go, you will experience the colorful birds and pigs in never before seen ways. In this mobile game, your protagonists will jump into vehicles and race against one another on many thrilling tracks. Usually, you have only been able to enjoy your heroes in simple 2D graphics, but all of this changes in this arcade style racing game. Experience your Angry Birds and Bad Piggies from every angle and relish their colorful world which has never been portrayed in the third dimension before.

In the beginning of Angry Birds: Go, you will start on a rather small scale. Your birds will hop into soapbox cars which are obviously simple and slow. Master the tracks in order to upgrade your vehicles to much faster supercars. The mobile app features several game modes, such as Race, Time Boom, Fruit Splat, Champion Chase and Versus Mode, that will challenge you in many different ways.

Angry Birds: Go wouldn’t be a fun arcade style racing game if it didn’t feature a set of special powers that you can use in order to slow down your opponents. Shoot them off the road, get boosts to be faster than anyone else, and make use of your character’s unique powers in order to gain an advantage over all of your friends in this free mobile game.

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