Angry Birds Fight
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Angry Birds Fight
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Angry Birds Fight Description

The ongoing rivalry between birds and pigs continues in Angry Birds Fight! Solve puzzles and battle it out against those pesky hogs.


Fight or flight? Most definitely fight. Your favorite Angry Birds are back and this time it's a free for all. Match the birds in each puzzle for the best power-ups and watch your feathered hero take on all comers. Pick your strategy and match the right birds for your own unique battle advantage.

The newest release in Rovio Entertainment's Angry Birds franchise, Angry Birds Fight is a glorious spin on the characters and gameplay you know and love. All the birds are along for the ride in this release, joined by those dastardly piggies. For fans of the series, Angry Birds Fight will whet your appetite for more Squawk versus Snort mayhem. For newcomers, don't be afraid, this newest entry is deceptively simple to pick up and play.

Angry Birds Fight features a two-stage game round at it's core. In the first round, get matched with an enemy and enter the pre-battle puzzle round. Here, swipe to line up three or more of the same bird to add their unique power-up to your character. Each bird combo offers a different power-up to help you win, but keep an eye on the puzzle round timer! Weapons, hats and armor are also available as powerful additions to your arsenal. When the puzzle round is over, the second stage begins: Fight! Send your character into the fray and watch the epic battle play out. Prove your mettle against live opponents from across the globe. Fight online in real-time and show the world your bird is best.

Rovio Entertainment demonstrates their creativity in their newest addition to the Angry Birds universe. The action comes to life in this mobile game and your device will transform into an arena where victory wears more than a single feather in its cap. As with previous installments, the game is free-to-play and download. Angry Birds Fight is available for IOS and Android devices!

Angry Birds Fight Screenshots

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