Angry Birds - Epic: New Update Adds Stone Guard Class

04/16/2015 05:42 am by Marcel Wuttig in NewsRPGFantasy

Angry Birds: Epic

Angry Birds: Epic

Updates in Angry Birds: Epic are pretty few and far between. Well, there are minor updates here and there, but bigger patches don’t come too often. The latest update for the mobile roleplaying game has quite a few interesting features and some nifty content in store for players.

First and foremost, the patch brings a new mini-map event to Angry Birds: Epic. Event portals appear everywhere leading players to a new map. What's more, the update adds a new class for Red. The Stone Guard class can be unlocked when players delve into the aforementioned mini-map event and collect all its pieces. In case someone feels like battling it out with the tinker pigs again, they can do so in two new Chronicle Caves. Here, players can also reach the new maximum XP level cap of 45.

As though all of this wasn’t enough already, the patch also brings the Purify Potion and the Bird Arena Power to the RPG. The former cleanses birds of nasty effects in battle and the latter will help players get the best arena matches.

Head over to the Windows Phone store, the Google Play Store, or iTunes to download and enjoy the new patch. Or simply click the green button below!

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