Angry Birds - Epic: Chinese Year of the Goat Event Update

02/19/2015 04:39 am by William Hankin in NewsRPGFantasy

Angry Birds: Epic

Angry Birds: Epic

Those Angry Birds are literally taking over the world. It seems like in every toy store, on every mobile device, and even now in theme parks there are those avian curmudgeons. Starting off with just a simple mobile, this franchise has grown quite the plethora of diverse bird inspired titles, including Angry Birds: Transformers and Angry Birds: Go, all with different styles of gameplay that adhere to that one continuing theme: moody birds!

Angry Birds: Epic is one such title that has just been updated, which takes us on an RPG adventure, fighting in turn-based battles against those dastardly pigs. Players can now expect an invasion of new enemies is coming, with the introduction of Tinker Pigs and Drones. Plus a Chinese New Year event that starts today, marking the Year of the Goat.

Rovio (Plunder Pirates) will be holding a tournament with lots of players that is likely to last a few days, where players battle it out for rewards and prizes. The specifics of the event are still unclear, but something tells us it is going to be goat themed, what with it being the Chinese Year of the Goat and all. Furthermore, bugs concerning PvP battles are reported to have been fixed, and the daily objectives now reset globally.

Stay tuned for more Angry Birds: Epic news!

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