Angry Birds: Epic
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Angry Birds: Epic
What to expect:
  • Angry Birds Meets Fantasy Universe
  • Turn Based Combat System
  • Role Playing Fantasy Storyline with Loads of Levels
  • Each Bird Has its Own Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Free-to-Play on your Mobile Devices
  • Mobile Games
  • PvE
  • Online Games
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  • Angry Birds
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Play Angry Birds Like Never Before!

We have learned what happens when you combine Angry Birds with the Star Wars universe, but what if the birds were put into a fantasy setting?


It would not make sense to re-release the same game over and over again. The folks over at Rovio Entertainment have quickly realized this and made sure that their successful Angry Birds formula is not overused. Instead, the studio allows their colorful birds to visit many different worlds, encounter different franchises, and appear in new genres. By now, most people are familiar with the original installment of the series, in which you shoot your birds across levels with the help of your slingshot to defeat the Bad Piggies. Your ultimate goal is to destroy every green opponent in each map, which you often only achieve by destroying their shelters of wooden planks, blocks of stone and cubes of glass. In Angry Birds: Epic, things are not the same.

Rovio Entertainment has managed to reinvent their franchise once again - this time in the form of a fantasy roleplaying game. You will no longer rely on your slingshot to destroy your opponents, as the Angry Birds will be more active in defending themselves than ever before. In a typical RPG manner, you will discover a fantastical world full of adventures that are just waiting to be uncovered. Instead of a physics-based gameplay, you will fight your enemies in a round-based combat system. The different Angry Birds that you are familiar with from other games of the series will represent various classes from the roleplaying genre. You will actively fight against your enemies by casting spells and swinging your many weapons.

One thing hasn’t changed, however, and that is the fact that each bird has its own set of skills that sets them apart from one another. Red is a classic knight, wielding his sword and wearing armor. Chuck on the other hand is a magician who casts spells and dabbles in the art of magic. Make sure to use their strengths to your advantage!

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