Angry Birds Action
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Angry Birds Action
What to expect:
  • A New Adventure with the Enraged Birds
  • Hundreds of Levels with Flipper Gameplay
  • Many Power-Ups that You Can Unlock
  • Collect BirdCodes in the Real World to Unlock Content
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  • Angry Birds
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Play Angry Birds Action on the Go and Save Eggs

The enraged birds are ready for their next adventure. In Angry Birds Action, you will master hundreds of levels with Red and his feathered friends.


Just in time for the cinematic release of the animated motion picture based on the Angry Birds franchise, the guys and girls over at Rovio Entertainment have released a brand new mobile game called Angry Birds Action. According to the Finnish studio, the app is based on the animated film. Once again, it is your goal to rescue and save fragile bird eggs from those pesky pigs alongside Red and his feathered friends. You might’ve heard that attack is the best form of defense, which is why you are in for an action-packed casual game.

The free-to-play mobile game Angry Birds Action features hundreds of diverse levels, all of which are separated into different segments. Your goal is the same as always: You want to save and rescue your precious eggs from those green pigs. However, the gameplay differs from the original Angry Birds game and most of its sequels and spin-offs. First of all, the perspective is different. You will control your birds from a bird’s eye view. This, in accordance with the overall gameplay, makes the fun game feel a lot like a mix between a flipper and an Angry Birds game. Instead of bouncing back from unbreakable obstacles and ending your turn, your birds will bounce back and forth between obstacles, constantly changing their direction. With a little bit of luck and the right strategy, you will have no problem catching those eggs on the map. Make sure to always be cautious though, as Angry Birds Action features a lot of dangerous obstacles and treacherous traps that will ruin your attempt at saving those eggs. Aim your birds carefully!

Power-Ups and Friends in Angry Birds Action

Angry Birds Action features a lot of different power-ups that you can make use of when the going gets rough. You also have the possibility to connect the app with your Facebook account in order to connect with friends and compare yourself to other players in in-game rankings.

The casual game is also linked to reality in an innovative way. You can scan BirdCodes on Angry Birds toys, at your local movie theater, and in various affiliated stores to collect special rewards. Keep in mind to launch Angry Birds Action when the Angry Birds Movie’s film credits roll, as you can unlock an entirely new area in the mobile game.

Angry Birds Action Screenshots

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