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Angels Online
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Angels Online Description

Roam a detailed fantasy world as one of four varied and skilled factions. In this online game you take on enemy monsters, create your own robot pets, play mini-games and a whole lot more.


Angels Online is a client-based MMORPG set in a bright and often dangerous game world. There are four playable factions in the online game, which include Aurora, Beast, Steel and Shadow. Each of these factions occupies their own part of the game world, with unique buildings and landscapes to differentiate between them.

Aurora is a sea port, with a knack for trading goods, fishing and more. Unfortunately Aurora has been under siege from enemy pirates recently, and should you join the Aurora faction you must strive to protect the town. The second faction – the Beast faction – belongs to nature and strives to live at one with the souls of their ancestors. The Steel faction represents a group of technologically advanced citizens, continuously at war with the old city of Gebeur: Decadence City. The last of the playable factions in Angels Online is the Shadow faction. Living primarily in darkness, the Shadow faction focuses on the construction of intricate cave systems.

Decide which faction you will play for, and start discovering the mysterious world of Angels Online. There are nearly 40 class skills, endless spells and skill combinations to learn and discover, improving your chance of defeating enemies and monsters. Additionally there are hundreds of thousands of weaponry and items to collect and master in the client-based game Angels Online, as well as a Paper Moppet system, to improve your stance in combat.

The online game Angels Online also offers a creative robot system, a pet system, and a mount system, in which you can collect cute robots, small animals and fun mounts, all to help you win the fight against your enemies in the MMORPG Angels Online.

by Kyle Hayth

Angels Online Screenshots

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