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Angel Alliance
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Angel Alliance Description

As a fearless warrior, you are destined to save the angels from their impending doom and always be on the lookout for legendary loot and helpful gadgets. Join a league of angels and customize your ethereal companions however you like in this browser game.


You would think that divine beings such as angels had all the power in the world and didn’t have to fear anyone. Well, that is unfortunately not the case in Angel Alliance, the fantasy browser game brought to you by Kabam (Ravenmarch). Can you venture into the depths of the Abyss and rescue them? In order to do so, you will have to face the Dark Lord himself, the dreadlord that has single-handedly put all angels in his infernal prison. The angels might not be of much help to you as long as they are stripped of their powers, but once they are set free they will follow you on your journey and help you exact your revenge. And who wouldn’t want to have powerful angels by their side...

After creating a brand-new character in Angel Alliance, a thorough tutorial will show you the ropes in terms of basic gameplay and leveling up. The first handful of missions will introduce you to everything there is to know about the browser game: how to engage your hero in turn-based combat, trigger powerful abilities and advance your skills. As you make your way through the many adventures the wondrous world of Etheria has to offer, you unlock new talents. These can be used to battle dark creatures and show everyone that you are dead set on restoring the balance between good and evil by keeping the angels safe.

Tougher challenges that involve taking out raid bosses or venturing into new dungeons are made for groups of players. Don’t even think of taking on elite monsters on your own! The easiest way to find other players willing to join you on your journey is by looking for a guild. Guilds in Angel Alliance are a good way to quickly rise to the top and always have someone to protect you, not only from the Dark Lord, but also from other champions. Player-versus-player combat is no joke in this free-to-play title!

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