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Andromeda 5
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Andromeda 5 Description

Being a successful space pilot takes courage, talent and a firm hand. The way you handle yourself in complicated situations (such as battles, diplomatic discussions or otherwise) will not only reflect on your leadership skills, but also on your alliance.


Imagine a futuristic world in which you can let loose of any earthly problems and only focus on building your very own empire in space. Welcome to life in Andromeda 5, the strategy browser game. Test your talents in more than 200 unique missions that will send you on a hunt through all known (and unknown) galaxies; prove your skill in defeating other players by raising an army and recruiting more troops than anyone else on your server; turn into an unstoppable force by pushing your research team to new limits. There’s no time to stop and smell the flowers in this free-to-play title, as competing players are just waiting for you to slip up and make a mistake.

While some quests only require you to explore unknown territory, others will send you on a manhunt through intergalactic regions. You will be asked to question the loyalty of your forces, send prime officers to an early grave and collect a massive amount of resources that have become scarce in the browser game set in a science fiction setting. Gathering enough resources to upgrade your headquarters will be the first step in becoming the greatest leader Andromeda 5 has ever known. But don’t just think those are up for grabs and easy to get - on the contrary, commander. In this strategy online game, both newcomers and experienced players are constantly on the lookout for new sources of oxygen and other - equally as important - currencies. While the browser game is and will always remain free-to-play, everything you do will cost you in-game money that can be collected by going on missions and defeating other spaceships in laser battles. Pew pew pew!

Not every player in Andromeda 5 wants to see you crash and burn and must therefore be perceived as an enemy. Some only have good intentions in mind and will not only engage you when they're in need of assistance. Joining a guild while you are expanding your space empire might be a good idea and will help you get started in the MMORTS. Grouping up with like-minded players is a sure way of quickly climbing to the top of the official ranking in this strategy browser game.

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