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Anarchy Online
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Anarchy Online Description

Anarchy Online puts the future in your hands. New colonists of Rubi-Ka must battle the environment, ecosystem and each other as they advance their humanoid characters with additional skills.


Anarchy Online is one of the longest running and most successful MMORPGs ever created. Set in one of the original science fiction universes of the genre, developer Funcom introduced numerous innovative features to the industry including instances, dynamic quests, free trials and a free-to-play business model. Join the space battle over the precious resource known as Notum.

Penned by critically acclaimed writer Ragnar Tørnquist, the sci-fi MMORPG is set on the annihilated desert planet of Rubi-Ka. After prospering to the height of immortal civilization, the original inhabitants, the Xan, splintered over how to utilize the planet’s energy staple known as the Source. Abused for too long, the Xan realized their mistake with the Source when the original Rubi-Ka was destroyed. Survivors fled only to have the remnants of Rubi-Ka rediscovered by mega corporation Omni-Tek millenniums later.

Anarchy Online features four distinct humanoid classes, or breeds, now typical of MMORPGs. The Atrox are fearsome warriors. The Nanomages prefer intelligence. The Opifex work quickly and the Solitus represent a fair balance of all the other breeds created by Omni-Tek through Notum radiation. Players customize their characters by specializing in any or all of the game’s eighty three distinct character skills as they climb to level 220. Further diversifying the experience is the chance to increase specialization by way of one of fourteen perks, from Doctor to Adventurer.

Other features of Anarchy Online include the requirement of groups to complete certain objectives, organized team structures, or guilds, that can run markets, build cities, control land or access other special content. Dynamic missions, created at the player’s request and chosen difficulty, are the backbone of progression in Anarchy Online and its series of content patches and expansions.

Anarchy Online Screenshots

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