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Amazing World
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Amazing World Description

This kid-friendly browser game is all about collecting items, exploring fantasy worlds and solving every puzzle that's thrown your way. Play with your children or simply meet new people online and invite them to your newly decorated home!


Not every game has to feature brutal combat and turn you into a ruthless warrior. Just take Amazing World, for instance: Here, you get to explore a colorful world and meet new friends without having to worry about defending your character from foul creatures. There’s only one being you need to watch out for, and that’s the evil queen Vexa. She has made it her life's goal to destroy everything that’s considered beautiful and fill the free-to-play online game with her malicious spirits. Are you brave enough to save the Amazing World from its impending doom? Then pick a fluffy character and get going, adventurer. The universe needs you!

The cutesy animal character you control is called a Zing. There are various Zings for you to choose from and you get to unlock additional ones as you venture through all the lush regions Amazing World has to offer. Whether you enjoy playing around with dogs, cats or pandas - almost every animal can be found in this free-to-play MMORPG. Your character can learn new skills (such as fishing), meet new friends (in form of other players) or prove his or her talents in jumping puzzles. Should you ever get bored of your Zing’s current look, then don’t worry - there are countless different outfits and accesories to find in this social online game. Little mini games here and there are bound to keep you and your mates busy for hours on end - as long as you keep your eye on the prize. The more you play, the bigger the chance you get to unlock new achievements!

If you are in the mood of dueling your friends, then go ahead and challenge them to a round of player-versus-player combat. In order to win, you have to scare off all the Nix you can find within a limited amount of time. It doesn’t matter how many points you score, as long as you do better than your opponent! If being a lone wolf is rather your thing, then hop into your Springmobile, cruise through the Amazing World and complete as many character quests as you can find. These will give you enough experience to level up your Zing and unlock valuable treasure in this colorful browser game.

Amazing World Screenshots

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