Alto's Adventure
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Alto's Adventure
What to expect:
  • Endless Runner by Indie Developers
  • Six Unique Snowboarders
  • More than 180 Handcrafted Goals
  • Unique Graphics
  • Minimalistic Design
  • Mobile Games
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  • iOS
  • Action
  • Platform Games
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Play Alto’s Adventure on Your Mobile Device!

Grab your skis, put on something warm, and prepare for a quick ride through the snow! Alto’s Adventure is a truly unique endless runner.


If you’re somewhat familiar with the mobile gaming industry, you might have heard of endless runners. Due to the limitation of the controls on a mobile device (not having a keyboard or gamepad), game studios have had to come up with another way to play complex games on smartphones and tablets. Using the touchscreen, players can usually tap, swipe, and tilt in order to move the protagonist of a title. Developers have also had to tweak certain genres to optimize them for mobile devices. Endless runners are basically platformers (or jump and run games) in which you have a more limited influence on your avatar. That doesn’t mean that these games are any less fun, innovative, or challenging however, as proven by AAA games such as Alto’s Adventure.

Alto’s Adventure is an endless runner set in the winter wonderland that is the Alps. On your journey through the mountains, you will explore the native wilderness of the landscape, the tranquil villages, and mysterious, long-abandoned ruins. Alto and his friends race through snowy landscapes, where they collect reindeer and coins. Naturally it isn’t quite as easy as that. Sliding down a mountain slope on skis can be dangerous if you don’t pay proper attention, and it is up to you to make sure that the protagonist can evade any obstacles including rocks, stones, and more.

The gameplay itself is easy to learn and very straightforward, as the controls basically feature a one-button system. Mastering the gameplay, however, takes time and practice. Alto’s Adventure features various combos that can be chained together to increase the highscore and gain speed. The entire gameplay is based on a physics-based engine adding to the overall quality of the endless runner.

The one other feature that sets the title apart from other games of the genre is the artistic and stylized presentation. The graphics are lush and minimalistic, the atmosphere is tranquil, the music is immersive, and the gaming experience feels mature.

Alto’s Adventure features more than 180 different quests, six unique snowboarders with individual abilities, and a lot more! Purchase it out on iTunes or get it for free in the Google Play Store.

Alto's Adventure Screenshots

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Alto's Adventure News

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