AlphaBetty Saga: General Advice for the Puzzle Game

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AlphaBetty Saga

AlphaBetty Saga

AlphaBetty Saga is surprisingly difficult! Knowing that the game was developed by, I expected a very casual gaming experience, but the puzzle game gets very difficult very fast. If you don’t use the right strategy, you might begin struggling as early as the third or fourth level – at least I did! Only then did I realize that I was following a wrong approach. Here is some general advice for the colorful Scrabble game that might make it easier to succeed.

Form at Least 4 Letter Words

This one might be the most difficult advice to follow, but it is maybe also one of the most crucial ones to give. This advice often ends up making me stare at the screen for several minutes before I finally decide on a word. Especially your first word should be four letters or more. Why? Long words give you little boosts that will be indispensable for making it through a level.

  • 4 letters – a little crown that randomly appears on another letter – activating the crown gets you one step closer to reaching your goal (like eliminating a bubble)
  • 5 letters – line blaster – destroys an entire line of letters (up and down)
  • 6 letters – line blaster – destroys two lines of letters (up, down, left, and right)
  • 7 letters or more – line blaster – destroys three lines of letters (up, down, left, right, diagonally)

Use the crown!

Every Move Should Activate a Power Up

This advice is also difficult to follow. Basically, if you have the choice between forming a nice word that doesn’t activate a boost and another word that will activate one, choose the latter. Try to combine this advice with the one given above. Form at least a four letter word that also activates a boost.

Don’t always go for the Impressive Word

Yeah, this one is hard to follow if you are very ambitious. In AlphaBetty Saga, it isn’t always recommended to form nice words. If you want to succeed in a level, you will often have to settle for an unimpressive word that activates a boost.

Add an “s”

Adding an “s” to a word often turns it into a plural or conjugates it. It’s pretty lame, but it will give you a better power up that you will most likely direly need.

Try out Random Words

This one hurts our souls, but we have to admit that we’ve done this. We have randomly tried out letter combinations to see whether they form a word – and sometimes they do. Unfortunately, we haven't heard many of the words that we form in these instances.

Follow these rules if you want to make it through the levels in AlphaBetty Saga. Believe me when I say that I’ve only made it through the levels when I’ve followed them.

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