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07/03/2015 09:01 am by Marcel Wuttig in TestsFacebook GamesOnline Games

AlphaBetty Saga – bane of my existence! I’m being overly dramatic here, but this app is a tough one for me to review. I will do my best however to objectively critique’s latest release.

Fun Game Concept

First and foremost I have to applaud for re-imagining what a match-3 game can be! Mixing Scrabble-type gameplay with match-3 features is not only smart, but also fun. I have to add that I love the original Scrabble and feel utterly rewarded when I manage to come up with smart and long words. When that feeling is transported to AlphaBetty Saga, I feel completely satisfied with the title. Unfortunately, that is not always the case in this puzzle game.

AlphaBetty Saga

AlphaBetty Saga

Difficulty and Quests

What confuses and irritates me about AlphaBetty Saga is that the game strays away from that rewarding feeling. Instead of having players focus more strongly on combining innovative words, the game quickly steers into a different direction that makes the gameplay more difficult and less satisfactory in my opinion. The first time I got stuck was in level 3. Why? Because I focused on trying to build nice words instead of completing the respective task. I thought that coming up with long words would be rewarded one way or another, but I was wrong. Sometimes, you might have a long word that will get you nowhere. Instead you have to settle with a “good” or “beat” to complete the quest. The level goals include collecting cheese, destroying bubbles, etc. Even when I focus on completing these tasks, I have a hard time making it through most levels, and regularly get stuck.

Additionally, I feel that the gameplay is very slow which causes some rounds to last for up to 15 minutes. When that invested time doesn’t result in a positive emotion, I often feel like I’ve somewhat wasted my time and should’ve played a different game instead. This also has to do with the random nature of the layout of the letters and any boosts that you might get. Very often, you will find several of the same letters lying right next to each other.

Verdict after 30 (+) Minutes

AlphaBetty Saga

AlphaBetty Saga

Why a thumb’s up? Granted, my review of the game doesn’t sound all too positive, but in the end AlphaBetty Saga is a great game that tries to reinvent the match-3 genre to a certain extent. While that approach has some flaws, I do applaud for the effort. While some aspects of the app don’t necessarily speak to me, I did try to remain objective. Both of my partners play the app at home and both are massively addicted to it – something that I have to admit for myself as well. A game that keeps forcing you to come back deserves a pretty good rating, despite some of its flaws. Download AlphaBetty Saga if you’re in the mood for a challenging match-3 experience that requires a lot of thinking and some luck.

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