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Alpha Wars
What to expect:
  • Delve into a free war game and battle it out against other players
  • Collect resources and send your troops into enemy territory
  • Defend yourself against inimical attacks
  • Open up trade routes with other friendly players
  • Claim more than one headquarter in the MMORTS
  • Browser Games
  • Online Games
  • PvP
  • Strategy
  • Real Time Strategy
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Alpha Wars - Play the War Game for Free!

Collect different resources and send your troops to enemy territory if you want to conquer everything that Alpha Wars has to offer!


The world is coming to an end and humans are slowly running out of resources. Not much is left in the world of Alpha Wars, the browser game you are about to take for a spin. You start out by controlling just a few units. Soon, you will be able to expand your territory and turn your little camp into a massive base that holds hundreds of workers and soldiers. Keep an eye out for nearby resource camps and make sure to keep the production of concrete, steel, carbon and fuel going at all times. Running out of materials means that you are easy prey for other players that roam the MMO.

Let’s take a closer look at all the resources available in Alpha Wars: While concrete is needed to construct buildings and turn your dream of becoming a legendary war commander into reality, steel and carbon are a requirement when wanting to stock up on battle vehicles and helicopters. Getting your troops from point A to point B to join the fight will cost you fuel, a resource that is extremely difficult to get by. Other players will be eager to raid your camp and steal your last resources, so be aware of looters and bandits in the strategy browser game.

Opening up trade routes with other, like-minded players gives you a clear advantage over others that are out there on their own. Need a little bit of help? Simply join an alliance send out a message and your allies will come running to help you defend what is rightfully yours. That's what friends are for!

It won’t take long before you get to claim a second headquarter in this free MMORTS. Having more than just one base is a good way to make a name for yourself in Alpha Wars and will put you on the map for the competition to see. Upgrade your buildings and send out scouts to always be in the clear when and where your enemies could strike next. Don't let others intimidate you...

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