Alpha Vertikan Empire 2
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Alpha Vertikan Empire 2
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Alpha Vertikan Empire 2 Description

Colonize planets, build fleets and gather resources in order to explore the galaxy and expand your empire. Conquer planets not yet under your rule to secure your position as ruler of the galaxy...


Alpha Vertikan Empire 2 is strategy game that is set in a far-away galaxy and your goal is to bring surrounding planets, and distant star systems, under your control. You decide the name of your race, the leader of your empire and its' destiny. To do this you will need to gather resoures, colonize planets and conquer already colonized planets with the use of your fleets.

Gathering resources to fuel your empire is a crucial part of Alpha Vertikan Empire 2. Without resources, the building of fleets and structures on planets is virtually impossible. The galaxy is no safe place either, you must be ready to defend your resources at any cost. These resources fuel your empire and are not only gathered, they can also be traded through the use of an intricate trading system.

Once you have collected enough resources and built structures to help support your empire, you are ready to engage other systems in an attempt to conquer them. Alpha Vertikan Empire 2 allows you to build customized fleets ranging from scouts, the smallest ships of the fleet used for gathering information, to the mighty destroyers which you can use to overwhelm the enemy.

There is also an easy-to-use chat function in Alpha Vertikan Empire 2 which allows you to communicate with other players. You're not the only one trying to make your name in this galaxy and if you assistance or have questions, sharing them with the other leaders of the galaxy usually will reward you with a useful answer.

So, are you ready to be launched into an exciting, distant galaxy where you are the ruler of an empire? Whether you are a player who prefers economic and diplomatic strategies or all out war, there will never be a lull in the action while conquering the galaxy.

by Kyle Hayth

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