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Aloriah Description

This multiplayer strategy game brings you a serving of mythology, with a side dish of unreal fantasy. Pledge your soul to the good or the evil gods and be praised or damned...


Aloriah is a multi-player strategy-based browser game, set in an ancient mythological world with a twist of fantasy. As leader of your own civilization it is up to you to build and construct dwellings, train and command your own armies and maintain diplomatic governance over your empire. In order to survive this fantasy game, you must use tactics and strategy wherever you can.

You start the MMOG Aloriah by following an in-depth tutorial that is presented by an advisor who will guide you through the game. Following this you receive your first village settlement, which is initially protected from attacks by other players. This protection will not last forever, so it is important you begin to collect resources and build your army stronghold immediately.

In the strategy game Aloriah it is advised to set up army barracks for your soldiers and implement a strict training regime. When you feel your army is strong enough, you can send them out to the world on exploration missions. Appoint a hero to your army to lead the battalions to war. Your hero will gain experience points and earn rewards with each battle victory. It is also crucial to undertake regular technology research in the browser game Aloriah. Uncover new technologies and methods to help you extract resources more efficiently, construct unique dwellings and craft powerful weapons to use in combat.

There are three kinds of inter-player relationships possible in Aloriah – Hostile, Neutral and Allied. Form allies and keep enemies at bay using this identification system. With several dangerous wild animals roaming the land, it is not just your enemy players that you need to fear. Go back to a time when the Vikings ruled and honor and glory stood for everything.

by Kyle Hayth

Aloriah Screenshots

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